what we do

CareerCo™ is devoted to perfecting the process of Career Matchmaking. Our processes are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes—their interests, values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes, and skills—can impact their potential personal and professional success and satisfaction.

Each individual's path is different. We have designed our multifaceted approach to accommodate the full spectrum of opportunities and personal attributes.

the power of conversation

At CareerCo, our success is driven by our ability to make successful matches between our clients and members. Our extensive team of Career Advisors engages members in the most effective way we know of – live conversation – to navigate the increasingly complex array of options toward career growth.

We have invested heavily in the power of conversation. Since 2006, we have grown our efforts and currently own and operate seven Career Advisor facilities with over 700 employees, operating 18 hours per day.

the power of technology

We operate on a large scale, making millions of connections each month between clients and members. In addition, our platform is unique in its ability to match members with opportunities in all aspects of career growth, whether education, training, or employment.

To meet the complex and growing demands our business, the CareerCo technology team has created the most flexible, robust, and scalable solutions in the industry. Our team has devoted over a decade and many thousands of man-hours perfecting our ecosystem.

the power of information

CareerCo strives to help members make informed decisions that will navigate them toward career enhancement. Members are able to independently browse the millions of opportunity listings in our database. To accommodate deeper career research, CareerCo has built a full in-house publishing team of professional writers and editors. The publishing team reports on current trends and employment and education, and creates a direct line of information between CareerCo, our clients and members, and the educational and human resource leaders driving trends in career advancement.