Employer Testimonials

"I have utilized various advertising techniques ranging from FaceBook, local subdivision newsletters to flyers and signs to try and hire new employees and none of them worked. CareerCo is the only thing that has worked for me. They sent applications of qualified candidates to my email and we were able to hire 4 people within a very short time. They are very cost effective and I highly recommend CareerCo for all your hiring needs."
- George Fisher (Multi unit owner of Jet’s Pizza)

"CORESTAFF used FindTheRightJob.com in our seasonal hiring push with one of our larger clients. We tapped them to source candidates for our warehouse and customer service positions. The results were so good in one of our locations that we decided to also do a campaign in a much larger region as well. We had equally strong results with all of the locations for which we used FindTheRightJob.com, and we definitely consider them as a partner now and for the foreseeable future."
Patrick McFall, Recruiting Manager | CORESTAFF Services

"Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids is always looking for stylists. CareerCo has been able to provide us with a cost effective tool. We only pay when we receive applicants!"
Scott Sharkey, CEO | Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

"We experienced success very quickly with CareerCo. The applications we receive are very well suited to our hiring needs and hiring areas. CareerCo is easy to work with and very fair on any questions I have had with billing. That is not often the case with a lead generation company. I am very pleased with the applications, timely service, and cooperation on our account."
Theresa B. Mountjoy, Director of Recruiting | Empire Express

"CareerCo’s cost per hire is the lowest of any of the sites I am using right now. The pre-screening questions make it cost-effective. I'm getting excellent applications, and have been increasing the online recruiting spend every month."
Sean Barragan, Director of Recruiting | K&B Transportation

"It was very refreshing to receive job applicants who the have the experience and credentials our company needs. Thank you a million times over for contacting me about your performance-based recruitment services. We’ve finally found the hiring solution we’ve been seeking! "
Malissa Perez, Corporate Recruiter | Harlow’s

"I just spoke to my terminal manager and he said this is – by far – the best source of applicants. We’re ready to expand."
Michael Sandridge, Recruiting Manager | Mr. Bult’s, Inc. (MBI), Burnham, IL

"I was contacted by CareerCo and, as usual, I was very skeptical. Everyone tells me they are the best with no or average results. My rep made it very easy for us to give the service a try at a very reasonable rate. They were able to drill down and get us leads for job applicants in our specific geographical areas of need. I have been very happy with the results we have seen from CareerCo’s services."
Bill Trotter, Director of Driver Recruiting | Martin Transportation Systems

"With a company as large and multi-faceted as ours, it takes a lot to impress the hiring and recruitment powers that be. However, CareerCo’s proven track record of helping firms streamline and improve their hiring processes immediately caught our attention. The company's unique pay-for-performance staffing approach is one that can efficiently fill a number of positions across numerous locations. Their risk-free approach to targeting and pinpointing qualified applicants quickly and easily is one I highly recommend."
Paul Savage, Global Resourcing and Talent Solutions, Manager Online Channel Strategy, IHG

"Working with CareerCo has proven to be a successful venture for the Lester Glenn Auto Group. Their cost-per-applicant process is more cost effective and reliable than the traditional methods of advertising through CareerBuilder and Monster. My account representative and her team of professionals provide superior customer service and they actually work with you when it comes to filling specialized auto industry positions. From a human resources perspective, having the ability to work with Maryellen and her team has improved our recruiting initiatives with filling many of our difficult-to-fill auto industry specific needs. We are truly pleased with our working relationship with CareerCo and we looking forward to building our business relationship."
Tony Martire, Director of Human Resources | Lester Glenn Auto Group

“With more than 50 locations on two continents, XpresSpa is always in need of qualified, top-notch staff. When we moved forward with listing positions on CareerCo, it was a very successful boost to our recruiting efforts. Our account representative is, in one word, amazing. She never gives up and always looks for different approaches to challenges she is faced with in sourcing candidates. Needless to say, she consistently delivers targeted, skilled candidates for us, most of which resulted in immediate hires! We are eager to continue working with CareerCo to fill our open cosmetologist, massage therapist, and nail tech positions. We highly recommend the service.”
Tamara Treadwell, Corporate Recruiter | XpresSpa

“We’ve had an excellent experience working with CareerCo account representative. The team responds and posts our job opening ads quickly, and we have hired multiple employees from using this program. We will continue relying on you for our dealership employment needs.”
Wendy Richard | Three County Volkswagen

"I was fairly skeptical of using a lead generation company, but the service and the quality of leads that have been sent are very detailed and thorough. I am very happy and would highly recommend them as another avenue for leads."
Stephanie Romanovich, Recruiting Manager | Winnie & Kat

"I was provided with a solution that met my needs and volume of candidates from the start. The candidates who applied met the criteria I was looking for more accurately than most sites we’ve used at a price that was able to easily fit in my budget."
Steve Brown, Director of Agent Development | US Merchant Systems

"I was impressed because CareerCo only sent qualified candidates. And it was quick. In the first couple of days I found someone, and she’s working out really well . CareerCo.com provided just the right amount of leads. I wasn’t overwhelmed at all." "It was fast and efficient. I’ll be reaching out to CareerCo first."
Kai Owens | Precision Chrysler Jeep Dodge

"Our CareerCo account representative was great to work with. I hired the second applicant that was sent for the job opening. Any openings I have in the future will go through CareerCo.com"
Ken Mueller, Munday Chevrolet Collision Center

"When staffing positions like cashiers -- among the front lines in our business -- it can sometimes feel like an ongoing process. Thanks to CareerCo, I am consistently receiving inquiries from interested candidates and have already begun hiring. I am delighted with the service's effectiveness."
Evan Sitar, VP of Operations | Shop Rite, Carteret, NJ

"Thank you again for such a helpful service. I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective CareerCo recruiting process was! I indicated exactly what I was looking for and hired the first applicant passed along to me! She has been with us for over four months and is working out beautifully. How wonderful it is not to have to go through hundreds of applications trying to sift out the inexperienced people even though I specifically advertise ‘only with experience should apply.’ The whole process was a relief. I will definitely us CareerCo again for all positions in the future here at our dealership!"
Penny Lopez, Office Manager | Lynnes Nissan City

"We run a busy place here, so I love not having to be consumed with searching for top-notch talent to join on our team. It's not always easy to find people with just the right skills and personality to succeed in our high-end dealership. I don't know how you do it, but you keep bringing me strong candidates — all I have to do is ask! I definitely plan to use your service again for my hiring needs, and am recommending it to the managers in our other locations."
Connie Zhang, Controller | Experience Auto Group

"CareerCo is a proven leader in web 2.0 recruitment strategies for many different career industry. I've worked with CareerCo for over six months and am continually impressed with their approach. CareerCo understands the needs of both hiring organizations and job seekers and provides a compelling online community to blend both worlds. At Jobs2Web, we look for media partners which generate impactful results for our clients yet are also professional, teamwork oriented, and kind to our team as well as our clients. There's no question that CareerCo passes that difficult test and will continue to be a resource I highly recommend to my clients."
Ryan Affolter, Manager of Interactive Media | SuccessFactors (formerly Jobs2web)

"I have been working with our CareerCo account representative since the inception of the retail automotive cooperative with NJ CAR. The service has proven to be an invaluable asset in finding and screening job applicants. Our rep is particularly adept at helping me write copy for the listings. When I need to fill a position for my dealership, the first place I go is to CareerCo. I would be lost without them. "
David DeFilippo, General Manager | Circle Infiniti Inc.

"We have hired someone from the applicants you sent us. Thank you. We received three applications–all had terrific experience. One was just what we were looking for. She will start December 1. Thank you again for the service!"
Rick Engel, Hiring Manager | Lynnes Nissan

"Working with CareerCo is truly working with a partner. Because the focus is always on pay-for-performance, Bernard Hodes Group, our participating clients, and CareerCo are all focused on the same bottom line results. Together we've worked diligently to deliver on those results for clients, and along the way, CareerCo has demonstrated top notch customer service at every turn."
Sean Quigley, Vice President, Digital Media | Bernard Hodes Group

"Hiring staff for summer camps can be a very challenging experience. Short- and long-term staff is needed to fill nearly 100 unique positions in various fields. CareerCo helped fill so many jobs for us in such a brief period of time. I can't wait to get started working with them again next season."
Joey Waldman | Camp Blue Ridge

"CareerCo’s services cut down on our screening process. Those are man hours that allow us to focus on the right candidates and be more effective with our time. If I were to compare it to Indeed.com, for instance, I would say that only 20% of the candidates are qualified, whereas with CareerCo, closer to 95% are qualified candidates that we can consider hiring. We typically source an average of one candidate per month from CareerCo – at a minimum – which turns into a great return on investment. And, our representative has been fantastic. With any kind of service company, sometimes the response time is very slow or you have to send emails and then wait 24 hours. Not with CareerCo. I couldn't ask for a better experience."
Shawn Sweet, Managing Partner | Senior Life Services

"We have been using CareerCo.com for several months. They have provided us with a selection of carefully screened applicants; many of whom have turned out to be great employees! In my opinion, the best thing about using CareerCo is that we have saved time and money compared to the other places where we previously advertised our job openings. Their screening of the applicants allows us to focus on business instead of wasting time interviewing the wrong people. I would highly recommend CareerCo to find great employees for your company."
Dennis Adams, General Manager | Paramus Auto Mall

"CareerCo made our recruiting process easy… we were able to customize which job prospects were able to view our listings and saw the results. The applicants from CareerCo were qualified, located in our area, and ready to ramp up to help keep our call center successful. Thank you!"
Roberto Rossi, Owner and CEO | A+ TeleServices

"CareerCo provided an excellent service in directing highly qualified candidates for the mortgage loan originator positions our firm needed to fill. They paid close attention to our needs and delivered an array of experienced candidates capable of helping our firm grow. I would recommend their services to any employer who is in need of finding the right people."
Arturo Torres, Esq., President | Bridgeview Mortgage Corp.

"When it comes to staffing our busy sales center, one with continued growth and room for additional personnel, we needed an efficient HR solution. CareerCo lets us hone in on the specific applicants that work well for our company and is a key, cost-effective factor in helping us grow. We’ve had much more success using this site than others, as the staff is skilled, knowledgeable, and patient, and the marketing support on their end is enormous."
Anthony Faulds, Principal | InTouch Sales

"Since we started using CareerCo to source candidates, we have had a good amount of success. We have run multiple campaigns, all of which lead to the results we were looking for. We can always expect to get qualified, interested people, which has resulted in our office hiring about 25% of the applicants received. We have had great experience in the past, and we look forward to continuing to use the CareerCo as a source for our positions in the future."
Ernie Filice, Owner | Express Employment Professionals, Morgan Hill, CA

"I am pleased to say that we have concluded our search for the store director position and have hired a candidate that was recruited via your service. Your service was very efficient, cost effective, and ultimately successful. We will be using your service to help fill the rest of our positions in the facility. Thank you!"
Tim Fiedler, Chicago Region Developer | Honest -1 Auto Care LLC

"I can say this has been the easiest company to work with. They are professional, responsive, and their process works. For the expense, there has been a very good return."
Peter Kelly, Business Manager | Mahwah Honda, Mahwah, NJ

"We’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of applicants we’re sourcing from CareerCo. In fact, it’s become one of our primary sources for hiring, as the majority of applicants we’ve received have been successfully placed. The positions, which range from high volume warehouse workers and forklift drivers, to technical customer service roles, to advanced wiring technicians, have never been too diverse for CareerCo to fill. We appreciate the quick turnaround time and how we've been able to seamlessly connect with excellent candidates for a manageable cost almost immediately."
Joe Angelo, Owner/President | Capital City Staffing Solutions, Grove City, OH

"Recruiting sales personnel is vitally important for both my company and the local district office where I work. It’s also a chief component of my job description. For three years, I had access to a major job board through a discounted corporate contract specially negotiated by Transamerica for its district offices that was still very expensive. So, at the beginning of this year my manager chose not to re-subscribe. I desperately began researching and looking for alternative Internet recruitment sources where I could search for potential hires. I found and signed on to myriad number of free websites. However, the results from most sites offering varying levels of free access were very disappointing. We also tried two fee-based sites. At the outset, I had limited expectations for each. But of the two, CareerCo was far superior to the one that charged us vastly more money and touted itself as specializing in sales personnel, and with a large database of potential applicants. From the responses I got from their search engine, I never got one applicant to answer my calls. The responses to our job posting on CareerCo, though less frequent, display a level of interest and candidate follow-through that is far superior to even the original, pricier job board we were using. We have made four hire offers to CareerCo candidates, and one of those applicants has been with us for nearly six months. We never did that well with any other competitor."
Cheryl F. Williams, Sr. Licensed Agency Coordinator | Transamerica Agency Network, Inc.

"As a controller for a large automotive group, one of the toughest challenges is finding the right employees – especially for key positions. I recently worked with NJCAR and CareerCo to fill such a position. I was only sent resumes for people with the experience I required, and I found the perfect person in just a couple of days. They definitely took the hassle out of the search, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome."
Barbara Purdy, Controller | Paul Miller Auto Group

"Our work with our account executive and the team at CareerCo is aimed to improve career matchmaking for every position in our franchise operation, including the home offices. I was thrilled when our representative first shared her recruiting strategies and processes with me and knew they were a great fit for Honest-1 Auto Care. Our CareerCo team has been more than accommodating and treated every staffing need regardless of what it was with a sense of urgency and ownership to get it resolved. Our representative has gone beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings, the speed with which she and her team responds, and her diligent follow-up to find viable candidates for all of our staffing needs. What we appreciated most about working with our account representative and her team is their ability to customize each post to accommodate individual franchisee requests, keep everyone happy, while maintaining strong Honest-1 Auto Care branding and professional ads."
Braden Pool, Director of Operations | Honest-1 Auto Care, Main Office

"We partnered with CareerCo to help provide a candidate pipeline for our seasonal Merchandiser and Counselor requisitions. Our goal was to hire about 1800 seasonal employees, and while we were challenged in several regions on our own as there didn’t seem to be enough applicants for our open positions, we quickly saw results with CareerCo. They generated an increased candidate flow of candidates that turned into hires, and it resulted in a much happier group of field hiring managers. Consider me an extremely satisfied customer."
Nick Tompkins, Talent Acquisition Director | Scotts Miracle-Gro

"When my real estate firm needed to expand our team, we looked to CareerCo to recruit sales pros who were eager to let us guide them as they earned their licenses. The candidates we connected with thanks to CareerCo’s services proved to be great fits. We’re progressively enhancing our sales team, and business is flourishing thanks to the new energy. Plus, the fact that we didn’t need to take time out of our schedules to initiate a recruitment campaign all on our own was invaluable!"
Thomas J. Borowski, Chief Executive Office | Striker Realty, Linden, NJ

"The team at CareerCo has been wonderful to work with. They are incredibly responsive to our needs and are able to drive additional applicants when needed. Also, there is a big focus on applicant quality. We are constantly sharing information about our hiring results, and our representative is using that to target the best possible applicants for us. Overall, I am very happy with our relationship with CareerCo."
Matthew Mackenzie, Internet Marketing Specialist | Platinum Supplemental Insurance, Dubuque, IA

"My experience working with CareerCo has been nothing short of stellar thus far! The team is very responsive and always willing to adjust my strategies and directions to assure we accomplish the intended targeted results."
David Keeler, President & COO | IPA Family, LLC, a member of the IHC Group

"CareerCo has provided significant contributions to IBEX Global in acquiring quality talent. Their services have provided a notable increase in our hiring funnel and have contributed to my company’s success in meeting our hiring needs. The flexibility and open communication I have with CareerCo has helped us in many ways to strengthen our candidate pool."
Karen Jeane Bobillo, Assistant Manager, Centralized Sourcing | IBEX Global

"I have used CareerCo.com several times to advertise for Bilingual Customer Service Reps and have always been able to fill my positions within a few weeks. Our company is strict on the stability and how long a candidate stays on one job and I like how an employer can customize a questionnaire to ensure you only get the candidates that meet your preset criteria. The staff is always friendly and helpful and the cost to advertise has been very reasonable."
Cathy Vasos, Human Resources Recruiter | JEGS

"CareerCo has exceeded our expectations by providing us with several qualified applicants at a far lower cost than any other job board. We own 47 Jimmy John’s stores and it is a challenge for us to recruit for each location. CareerCo has been very successful in helping with that task, and the applicants they’ve sent our way have met the criteria for each position. We will continue to use CareerCo for our recruiting needs across all our locations."
Tammy Jozwiak HR Specialist | CWL Investments, a Jimmy Johns Franchisee

"As with most popular restaurants like ours, it’s often a challenge filling crew members in certain locations. That, coupled with traditional turnover in our industry, has made hiring and recruitment a challenge for us. Which is why I’ve been very pleased with CareerCo and its pay-per-applicant services. Our account representative has been efficient and responsive with each position and location we need to fill, and the majority of candidates they’ve sent our way have been well suited for the position to which they applied. So far we’ve utilized CareerCo services in eight different markets and plan to continue expanding with each new successful hire!"
Donna Daniels, Senior Corporate Human Resources Manager | CKE Restaurants

"My Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spas are always seeking qualified professionals to join our amazing team. CareerCo’s recruitment efforts have been a successful tool for us to date. We are eager to continue working alongside CareerCo to continue fulfilling our Licensed Massage therapists and Esthetician positions."
Jeff Silbert, Owner of multiple Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa locations in New Jersey

"We are very excited about this new opportunity with CareerCo; providing us with applicants via their pay-per-applicant model. We initially targeted delivery drivers in five (5) stores, and based on that success, we have expanded to 20 locations. We have also grown our search to include shift managers. The entire CareerCo team has been efficient and responsive throughout the entire process, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend their services, and will continue to utilize them for JEM Restaurants."
Melissa Benson, Vice President of Human Resources at JEM Restaurants & Southeastern Pizza Groups​