our technology

CareerCo™'s industry leading platform is one of the most flexible, robust, and scalable solutions in the space. The CareerCo technology team devoted over a decade and thousands of man-hours perfecting our ecosystem.

how predictive analytics works

CareerCo utilizes intelligent algorithms to rank prospects and make connections based on a wide range of factors. We utilize explicit information such as educational background, location, and desired salary, as well as behavioral information such the schools or jobs they have explored and the goals they have expressed to our career advisors.

where low-tech and high-tech converge

CareerCo takes a unique approach to data science by integrating what our Career Advisors have learned in telephone conversations. In addition to utilizing data analysis in recommendations, we also gather additional data points while speaking to help refine and pinpoint the best opportunities.

the feedback loop

Our model works well, but we depend on our technologists to ensure that it is constantly improving. Our feedback loop enables us to analyze the relative importance of each data point utilized in the lead scoring process. By constantly monitoring each stage and piece of information gathered over the course of the complete path, we are able to constantly improve our accuracy and conversion rate.

our platform

The CareerCo platform is built to scale, both horizontally and vertically, to accommodate rapid growth. If a client or campaign requires an immediate turnaround of capacity, our pre-configured environment profiles allow us to expand at a moment's notice.

our commitment to security

Data integrity is of paramount importance to our clients and members, and CareerCo's platform is built with security in mind. We work with leading Internet and cyber security firms to conduct regular environment sweeps to validate our rigorous security standards.