Member Testimonials

"Thank you CareerCo for helping me find a job so fast! I have used over 10 websites searching for jobs. I never expected to receive a phone call from a customer service rep to help me find a job. Just minutes after signing up with CareerCo I received a call and the young man helped me apply for jobs right in my area. #prettycool"
Eric, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I had prior sales experience both face to face and over the phone. I was searching on the website and applied for some great positions that were available in my area. Shortly afterwards, I received a call from a Career Advisor who was able to tell me about opportunities I hadn’t even thought of and now I am working at an automotive dealership selling new and pre-owned cars. I love working in an arena where I can actually help people decide what’s best for them and sell based on their needs. If it hadn’t been for my Career Advisor, I never would have thought about selling cars as a career. I would recommend CareerCo to anyone who is looking for a new career. Unlike other job boards, they actually reach out to help you find the right job!
Terri, Columbus, OH

“Everyone that needs a job right now, go to CareerCo. They can help you find a job… it worked for me!”
Kaaren, Chicago, IL

“Recently retired, I was looking for some part-time work that would allow me to have a flexible schedule. CareerCo had some great options for me. Their customer service is excellent and actually introduced me to a part-time career transporting RVs. I work where I want, when I want. And, I make great money while traveling across the country.”
Robert, Charlotte, NC

"I have been looking for a new job for awhile. CareerCo had a lot of choices for drivers with higher rates than I’m currently receiving. The site was easy to figure out and the jobs showed high pay rates. Definitely recommending it to other drivers I know."
Patrick, Kansas City, MO

"After I left college a few years ago, I bounced around from job to job and needed to find something stable job. I knew that I wanted to be in sales, which is why I started thinking about auto sales. (I know the industry has picked up a lot in recent months.) After searching many sites, I registered at CareerCo and found the emails with jobs in my area really helpful. I came across this job that was close to me and applied. I was contacted within a few days, interviewed, and got the job! It was a quick and easy experience."
Mark, East Brunswick, NJ

"This site is helpful. I got a job through them – the employer responded right away."
Leonard, Detroit, MI