Job Recruiting

CareerCo's WOOF Job Alerts System

When job seekers are matched to job openings based on their preferences, geographic location, experience, interests, etc, our proprietary WOOF technology contacts them in real time, ensuring your positions are filled efficiently and quickly. CareerCo’s "WOOF Job Alerts extend from our 500+ telephone-based career advisors, email, text message, and push notifications.

JobHub is changing the landscape of the employee recruiting space with its network of pay-for-performance job sites. Our websites reach more than 3 million job seekers each month, connecting them with career and training information to help them succeed. For human resources departments and businesses, JobHub presents an array of staffing and recruiting solutions, including performance-based job postings, training and business opportunity recruitment, an Employer Trends blog, and more.

With performance-based job posting services, employers can optimize employment cycles and drastically reduce their cost-per-hire by utilizing our job portals and other career focused web sites. Jobhub allows job seekers to search for employment by job category, title, and zip code. Jobs are listed in dozens of categories, including automotive, business, insurance, health care, hospitality, art and design, and more. Job seekers can view local, relevant job listings and apply for the positions that are the best match.