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Who We Are

At CareerCo™ it is our mission to connect people with opportunities in education, training, and jobs, empowering them to achieve their life goals.

We create career pathways, one person at a time, through our platform, digital content, and our network of Career Advisors.

The company is located at the heart of New York City's booming technology industry. CareerCo is taking its services to the next level in its state-of-the-art corporate headquarters located at 22 Little West 12th Street. Our neo-Georgian-style building was originally designed by architect John M. Baker and built in 1909 to house stables.

Our office is a short walk from other technology leaders such as Google NY, LinkedIn, IAC/InterActiveCorp, and a new generation of fledgling digital businesses to come. The neighborhood also includes attractions such as Hudson River Park, the High Line, Chelsea Piers, Chelsea Market and the city's hottest restaurants and hotels.

Meet The Team

Luciano Rammairone
CareerCo Chairman and President

What We Do

CareerCo™ is devoted to perfecting the process of Career Matchmaking. Our processes are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes—their interests, values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes, and skills—can impact their potential personal and professional success and satisfaction.

Each individual's path is different. We have designed our multifaceted approach to accommodate the full spectrum of opportunities and personal attributes.

Content & Resources

At CareerCo, our success is driven by our ability to make successful matches between our clients and members. Our extensive team of Career Advisors engages members in the most effective way we know of – live conversation – to navigate the increasingly complex array of options toward career growth.

We have invested heavily in the power of conversation. Since 2006, we have grown our efforts and currently own and operate three Career Advisor facilities with over 700 employees, operating 18 hours per day.

We operate on a large scale, making millions of connections each month between clients and members. In addition, our platform is unique in its ability to match members with opportunities in all aspects of career growth, whether education, training, or employment.

To meet the complex and growing demands of our business, the CareerCo technology team has created the most flexible, robust, and scalable solutions in the industry. Our team has devoted over a decade and many thousands of man-hours perfecting our ecosystem.

CareerCo strives to help members make informed decisions that will navigate them toward career enhancement. Members are able to independently browse the millions of opportunity listings in our database. To accommodate deeper career research, CareerCo has built a full in-house publishing team of professional writers and editors. The publishing team reports on current trends and employment and education, and creates a direct line of information between CareerCo, our clients and members, and the educational and human resource leaders driving trends in career advancement.

Our Advantage:
total career solutions

CareerCo's services are designed to help individuals make decisions and identify opportunities at all stages and transitions over the course of a career.

In today's dynamic and unpredictable economy, it is normal to change roles, move between companies, or go back to school to prepare for new demands. A company that is booming today may be gone next year. A reorg or acquisition can fundamentally change the expectations for even top contributors in a company. Those individuals who constantly update and improve their skills, and, perhaps most importantly, recognize when it is time to move on to new challenges, tend to be the most competitive and successful.

As Dorie Clark wrote in the Harvard Business Review, "it's not a job search, it's a permanent campaign." CareerCo offers total career solutions to give today's career advancers a competitive advantage.

changes in the career lifecycle

In previous generations, jobs did not change that much. A good school would help someone land a good job. Hard workers would typically be rewarded with escalating responsibilities and increased wages and, ultimately, a comfortable retirement. Not anymore. Today’s professionals (and aspiring professionals) need to continue evolving in order to grow and prosper. CareerCo products serve as their guides.

Our Philosophy

In performance advertising, clients pay only when ad placements deliver measurable results.

A well-executed direct performance advertising campaign can deliver a positive return on investment by demonstrating which potential customers respond to a clear call-to-action. Successful campaigns are typically marked by sophisticated and heavy data analysis. Most campaigns involve the following steps:

  1. Identify and target those users who are actively seeking those goods and services that are offered by the advertiser.
  2. Analyze user data to understand what is working, and to optimize campaign messaging.
  3. Analyze downstream performance data to further refine targeting and filtering of candidates to maximize the rate at which targeted users are converted to customers.

Our performance model contrasts with traditional CPM (cost-per-view) display advertising in significant ways. In a CPM campaign, pricing is based on how many times an ad is viewed. The advertiser pays for reach, but is charged this rate regardless of how many — or few — users click or otherwise interacts with the ad. CPM advertising is widely used to promote brand awareness and company messaging, and remains an important staple of online advertising.

Many top companies embrace both CPM and performance models as crucial but distinct elements of their overall advertising strategy.

benefits of performance advertising

Performance advertising holds several advantages, enabling advertisers to:

  • Maximize return on investment: Performance-based advertisers can begin a campaign on a limited budget, and reinvest resulting revenue directly back into the campaign.
  • Optimize performance: Performance-based advertisers are able to observe the effectiveness of a campaign on a daily, or even real-time basis. The stream of business intelligence enables rapid improvement and optimization of targeting and messaging.
  • Minimize risk: Advertisers only pay the distributor or publisher of performance-based advertisements when there is a measurable action. The risk as assumed by the distributor or publisher

Our Technology

CareerCo's industry leading platform is one of the most flexible, robust, and scalable solutions in the space. The CareerCo technology team devoted over a decade and thousands of man-hours perfecting our ecosystem.

how predictive analytics works

CareerCo utilizes intelligent algorithms to rank prospects and make connections based on a wide range of factors. We utilize explicit information such as educational background, location, and desired salary, as well as behavioral information such the schools or jobs they have explored and the goals they have expressed to our career advisors.

where low-tech and high-tech converge

CareerCo takes a unique approach to data science by integrating what our Career Advisors have learned in telephone conversations. In addition to utilizing data analysis in recommendations, we also gather additional data points while speaking to help refine and pinpoint the best opportunities.

the feedback loop

Our model works well, but we depend on our technologists to ensure that it is constantly improving. Our feedback loop enables us to analyze the relative importance of each data point utilized in the applicant scoring process. By constantly monitoring each stage and piece of information gathered over the course of the complete path, we are able to constantly improve our accuracy and conversion rate.

our platform

The CareerCo platform is built to scale, both horizontally and vertically, to accommodate rapid growth. If a client or campaign requires an immediate turnaround of capacity, our pre-configured environment profiles allow us to expand at a moment's notice.

our commitment to security

Data integrity is of paramount importance to our clients and members, and CareerCo's platform is built with security in mind. We work with leading Internet and cyber security firms to conduct regular environment sweeps to validate our rigorous security standards.

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